The Baby Boogie Bash (East Coast) is a dance party for kids 0-7 years old featuring disco lights and music from the 80's, 90's, and today.  No Nursery Rhymes just real jams (appropriate of course) that will get your feet moving and booty grooving. We offer the Baby Boogie Bash at Amaya Papaya 7 times a year. Each event is themed to match a corresponding holiday throughout the year and then eclectically themed during our summer party series culminating with our annual Birthday Party!

Who: For families of children 8 months - 7 years old
Space is limited to ONLY 40 children! Purchase tickets @ Amaya Papaya or online***There will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door if the event does not sale out before the day of the event***

8 months and up (Children and Adults)

$8 plus tax Per Person in advance
$10 plus tax Per Person at the door

Contact Us!


How do I pay?
You can purchase tickets for the Baby Boogie Bash
  • At Amaya Papaya Play Lounge before the event
  • At Amaya Papaya Play Lounge @ the door on the day of the event (if space is available)
  • On the Amaya Papaya website

Who can come?
Kids 8 and under with an accompanying parent

Is outside food allowed?

What is the dress code?
Sock are required for children and adults too.

Casual. Keep it decent because we are targeting kids 6 and under. Anyone wearing anything offensive or with profanity will not be allowed into the event. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we think is dressed indecently or inappropriately for the event.

Can I drop my kids off and come back for them later?
NO! Parents must supervise their children at all times while they are at Amaya Papaya.

What is the cost?
$8 per person pre-purchase
$10 per person at the door
8 months and up (Children and Adults)

Are children 0-7 months FREE?
Children 0-7 months old are FREE if they are attending the event with a PAID sibling

Children 0-7 months old WITHOUT a PAYING sibling MUST have a ticket.

Children 0-7 months old must be on the RSVP list at Amaya Papaya if they are attending the event with an older sibling


Upcoming Events

March - Easter Egg-travaganzaa
March 27, 2015
6pm - 8:30pm

October - 7th Annual Healthy Halloween Bash
October TBA
6pm -8:30pm

December - 7th Annual Winter Wonderland Pajama Jammy Jam
December TBA
6pm - 8:30pm



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